Otiški Vrh 25b
SI-2373 Šentjanž pri Dravogradu
tel.: +386 (0)2 8786 957
fax.: +386 (0)2 8786 958
url: www.avto-kocevje.si

Company name: AVTO – KOČEVJE national and international transport (joint stock company)
Short name: AVTO – KOČEVJE
Headquarters: Otiški Vrh 25b, 2373 Šentjanž pri Dravogradu, Slovenia

Identity number: 5143756
Number for VAT: SI10656022

Our vision

Our vision is to develop further in the field of logistics by reaching constant growth and profit through innovative approach and use of modern communicative methods.

Our mission

Our mission is to reflect interest and demand of our clients, to respond to their interests, as well as the interests of the owners, employees and social environment.



In 2010 we successfully performed all internal as well as external quality controls. 
External quality control was carried out on standard ISO 9001:2008. Later, we implemented it according to the current standard ISO 9001: 2015.

We do not consider quality as the only factor of competition, since it goes without saying.

Everyone should find a segment to makes them differet from the competition, this segment usually being the price. Thus we believe that important segments of further development and competition lay in continuous improvement, quality and constant adjustment with a lower price. 

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